What would be the guitar or bass of your dreams like?

I will build any kind of instrument you desire by hand from start to finish, according to your every wish.

We’ll begin by selecting the wood for the build. The most common high quality tonewoods like American alder, swamp ash, maple and rosewood can be found in stock. If you’re thinking of a more exotic wood species, acquiring it won’t be an issue.

You are welcome to try out how different wood feels and you can select your favorite pieces.

The neck profile will be naturally made to custom-fit your hand!

I can wind the pickups by hand or you can select any combination that’s commonly available for purchase. The surface finishing, inlays and other decorations are up to your imagination.



You can purchase wood directly from me for your guitar building project. I can plane the body and neck woods into your specified dimensions and cut the fret slots into the fingerboard.

If you have your own wood you’d wish to use, I can work with that also. I’m happy to help if you have any questions regarding the guitar building process.