Guitar models

GAS Trus-T


GAS Trus-T introduction

The Trust-T model is inspired by the trusty Telecaster. The guitar design is a balanced combination of both a Tele and a Strat. Trust-T features both the forearm contour and the belly cut. Additionally, the body’s backside edge is rounded a bit more in the name of playing comfort. Trust-T sits perfectly balanced both in your lap and in the strap as well. When only one guitar needs to fit the bill and sound huge, Trust-T has your back in every situation.

GAS Keeper


GAS Keeper introduction

By utilizing the long experience in guitar building, GAS workshop has created a slightly modernised version of the world’s best electric guitar, the humble Stratocaster. The carved neck heel makes accessing the high frets a breeze and the modern tremolos hold tuning stable even in hard bombing. The classic quality tonewood combinations and GAS’s own handwound pickups create just the right kind of Mojo. Vintage tone at its very best. Timeless, elegant and versatile – “it’s a Keeper”.

GAS More

GAS More introduction

The GAS guitar model lineup’s most distinctive and unique creation. More’s appearance contains some typical traits for the offset-design but the body’s size and style are much closer to a Stratocaster. GAS More is easily customizable for any wanted tonal properties to fit your style and sound perfectly by combining different tonewoods and selecting just the right pickups, wiring and hardware for you. GAS More will become a true time machine when hundreds of years old sinker wood or reclaimed wood from old buildings and furniture is used for the body and/or neck. How far back are you ready to travel?

GAS Groovy Bass


GAS Groovy bass introduction

A slightly downsized and sleeker body version of the legendary 1951 P-bass. Regardless of the picking style, Groovy will help your lowend stand out from the get-go, be it at home, at a gig or in the studio. If you’ve ever wanted a little bit smaller and easier to play bass without compromising on tone, you can get Groovy as a 32” medium scale version as well.